Our Story

'We make great quality, unique jewellery that's genuinely affordable for anyone who wants to wear it'

The Problem

A simple observation of the current market and a desire to fix the issues we faced as consumers is what led to the start of our brand - a solution to our own real problems.

The issue is - generally all jewellery that's affordable falls apart or turns green, and everything that doesn't costs an arm and a leg - and it probably still fades or breaks after a short while anyway. 

This is where we come in - we don't make cheap jewellery that happens to be decent quality - we make legitimately great quality pieces, that happen to be truly affordable as a result of our smart design process, supply chain and direct to consumer model.

We've cut out all the middle men - distributors, retailers, resellers and unfair industry norms - allowing us to bring you the highest quality products at seriously affordable, fair prices.

quality base materials
careful production
authentic finished product

product ▶

we manufacture without inflated retail costs

shipped direct ▶

we ship worldwide using affordable, or premium services


our customers get a premium product for a fair price


Designed in London, we only use sustainable materials, work with skilled, well paid jewellers internationally and keep our carbon footprint as low as possible.


More Than Just a Product

We champion creativity, self expression and adventure on this journey we call life - products for those who seek more, question convention and strive to be the best - the doers, shakers and movers of the social media generation. 

Our jewellery is more than just another accessory - it’s a fundamental extension of you and a small visual companion along the way to the very best version of yourself, however you choose to define it.


Designed in England and worn across the World - thanks for being a part of our vision.